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Hey there, future innovator! Are you feeling stuck in your mission to make your company more innovative? Do you have a treasure trove of brilliant ideas that are just gathering dust? Is your team itching for fresh, effective methods to get results faster and better? If this sounds like you, then you've come to the right place!

Here's the secret: you already have everything you need for real innovation. It's all there, in your experience, your ideas, your passion.

Our job? To help you unlock this potential and channel it into a structured, agile process. Together, we'll tap into your innovative mindset, arm you with the right tools and methods, and help you craft future-proof strategies and ideas. We'll test your new offerings, products, and services with your target audience until they're launch-ready, and then we'll help you roll them out successfully.

Blast Off!

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Strategy & Design Sprint

This is where we roll up our sleeves and get to work. In our workshops, we'll walk you through the proven Design Thinking methods to help you align your strategic direction. We'll dive deep into your business model, take a bird's eye view of technologies, markets, and megatrends, and uncover new opportunities. And at the end of it all, we'll find your strategy - the starting point of your iterative implementation.

In the Design Sprint, you'll learn to think from the perspective of your target groups using agile methods. You'll develop new ideas, create the first prototypes, and test them with real people. This way, you'll know if your idea is not just good, but also valuable and feasible. And the best part? You'll achieve in just a few days what others take months to do.

Test your results to get them ready to go.


It's the moment of truth for your idea. After a successful sprint, our crew will put your idea through its paces with intensive testing. We'll create the first simple versions of your ideas, (MVP) which your users can explore, try out, or pre-order. This could be anything from videos and layouts to a click-dummy for a digital application or a fake landing page for a product.

We'll collect and analyze all the feedback from the user tests, fix the bugs, improve the prototype, and test again. We'll keep refining until we're all sure that we've hit the bullseye with a user-centric solution.

Make your solution fly with our crew!

This is where we separate ourselves from the rest. As digital pioneers, we've been turning ideas into successful applications, content formats, and experiences for over 25 years. Our 30-strong crew can directly implement most digital solutions for you - even cutting-edge technologies like Metaverse or AI. And for everything else, we've got a network of competent, highly trained consultants and specialists across Germany and the world ready to jump on board.

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